Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Fantastic Day!

What a terrific day! Mom came over to help me pot the last of my flowers -- and phew -- we're all done! Thanks Mom! Everybody is happy in their new pots, ready to grow big, bright and beautiful! I splurged this year and bought a Korean Dwarf Lilac for the front porch -- so pretty. I popped it right in front of a front room window, so its intoxicating fragrance can waft into the house. Mommy bird was rather cross with us, for creating such a disturbance on the front porch as we worked. She chirped angrily at us and stared! But she settled right down once we were finished...a bit perturbed, but no worse for wear.

I'm nearly finished with "Jax," and should be able to post pix of him and "Reflective" either tomorrow or Thursday, with their ceramic counter-parts so you can see the changes. Surprisingly, the really difficult part I've been having with "Jax" is matching the background texture between the two mediums -- the effect in the oil clay original is a bit tricky to duplicate in epoxy because of the different textures and properties between them and the solvents used to smooth them. Go figure!

Anyway, the crowning glory of the day was the massive lightening-thunder storm that swept through here around 4pm, thankfully just moments after we were done with our potting! We could see it...heck, we could hear it...smell it...coming from the West and hurried to finish our potting. And WOW. Did it deliver! Dark skies. Ominous clouds. Hail. Wind. Down pouring rain. Lightening. THUNDER. Booming, roiling, bellowing THUNDER. Thunder so deep, it rattled our windows and walls. Yessssss. Then CRACK....BAM....POW! A thunderclap right above our house and out went our power with a pop! WHOO HOOO! AWESOME! For about an hour, our only light came from the big window to our back yard (above.) Though I must say -- it's alarming how dependent we are on electricity. We just basically sat around and twiddled our thumbs until the power came back on! Anyway...No -- our fence isn't on fire (below)! That's steam swirling up from the wet fence thanks to the sun's rays after the storm had passed. Wild.

Anyhoo...here's another "Well well WELL!" moment...I walked into the office (which is still a wreck) and find Wuzzle fast asleep on his side, with his blobular belly oozed between the wires of the cage...in all his gooey glory. I, of course, had to ooze that goo after I snapped this picture.

Anyway, I hope to post pix of "Jax," "Reflective," and perhaps more teasers of the Halfie mare soon!

"Shock is still fun. I won't ever shut the door on it." ~ Nicolas Cage

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