Friday, April 30, 2010

Uncommon Joy

Scotch Tape Dispenser H-122 -- the object of my obsession.

I definitely have been remiss in attending to this blog. Eeeesh. But the past month essentially ended up in the blender and life hit "frappe." The good news is that I have lots of projects underway, and I hope to start unveiling them here as they progress. Though here's a sneek peek at a rearing guy I started work on beginning of March....

1:24 scale cavorting Friesian stallion -- as seen on Facebook.

But enough about busy work...I am giddy with glee! For years I've been searching for clones of my beloved and highly-guarded tape dispenser (pictured in the intro). Some chicks like diamonds. Expensive cars. Yachts and closets full of expensive clothes. Not me. The perfect tape dispenser makes me happy beyond all sense of decency.

I have freakishly small hands. [I also have freakishly short arms. Even the seamstress who adjusted my wedding dress commented on their proportional deficiency. So paired with my big mouth, I'm like a T-Rex....and a very witty friend coined a term that I love, "Sarahsaurus Rex." Perfect!] Anyway, this makes other tape dispensers annoyingly difficult to use with my cocktail-sausage fingers. I also don't like tape-guns since the leveraging needed to cut the tape and manipulate the darned thing is downright awkward and inefficient for me. I have tried countless types of tape dispensers and the results, in a phrase -- "catastrophic failure." And with all the shipping I do -- ease and speed of taping up boxes is a deal-breaker!

So...back to my blessed tape dispenser. It's the perfect size and mechanics for me. A balance achieved that only can be described as "perfection." And I'd been searching everywhere for more, but to no avail. To make the situation even more dire, I drop this puppy a lot in the madness induced by packing, and I just knew one day I'd be left bereft of my treasure. Then it occurred to me (years later -- yes, I weep for myself, and if you are, too -- thank you!) to actually look at the thing, and what's this? A model number? I rush to do an online search and BOOO-YAH! There are his long-lost brothers on Amazon! I bought three in a flash. Oddly enough, this model never popped up in searches -- even searches on the Scotch website itself! Cosmic hide-in-seek? Who knows! But now I'm willing to share this amazing device with Hubby as he helps me pack up all the Haffie mares and foals we'll be dealing with in the next few months. Life is good.

"If one's life is simple, contentment has to come." ~ Dalai Lama

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