Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blue skies...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! That's the view from my parent's backyard up to Bogus Basin on Easter Day (above). And (below) is my Mom's Easter necklace she wore. She has a whole collection of holiday-inspired jewelry -- it's really quite impressive. The puffy cheeks on those bunnies slay me. We had a wonderful meal (lamb kabobs) and Mom and I watched Kung Fu Panda when the guys retreated off to do guy things (Viva Master Oogway!).

Spring has sprung with a vengeance here in Boise, and thank goodness! Glorious days where we can open up the entire house to the sweet air of a new season. We were both ready to be done with Winter. Hubby has already given his Harley a good wash-down in anticipation for long blissful miles on the road,
and we're thick into planning our year's rides and rallies, something which Hubby gleefully fixates over. As for myself, I'll be planting my petunias in my front door pots soon for my guard frogs to watch, ever-vigilantly, and begin cogitating the giant Spring-cleaning both my office and ceramic station desperately need. Family is scheduled to visit in summer, Mayhem and JuneJuju dates are set and we luckily snagged tickets to see the band AC/DC in August (score!). AC/DC is the one band we both like, other than Dick Dale, techno and classical...his regular "ugly noise" makes me cringe like a Blue Meanie (Yellow Submarine being one of my very favorite films), and my "screeching banshee" music drives him up a tree. This will be the first time either of us have seen them live, too, so we're....in a word...stoked. The concert sold out in mere minutes...an entire stadium...so we're still kinda in shock we even got this lucky! So lots of great stuff to look forward to in 2009!

I also organized a whole shovel-full of tax stuff and mailed it all off today. What a production. Ugh. And what a weight off my shoulders. I have an accountant do the work, but golly -- it's still a major undertaking. I know my brain would simply liquefy and drain out my ears if I had to do it all. So I feel renewed with that out of my life and now I can focus on studio work and getting The Boat published -- yeah! The fun stuff! Play time!

Anyhoo, much to our delight, a little finch has built a nest in the Christmas wreath I neglected to remove off the front porch, so rest assured...I'm waiting anxiously to snap a pic of the little critter with wee babies! Plus, a pair of mating ducks has again...hopefully...set up shop in my parent's pond and we're hoping that adorable baby ducks will show up soon! Fingers crossed! Speaking of babies...our fish are still having babies (ack!), so I had to buy a nursery tank to keep them from getting gobbled up. Now Todd, Steve, Rodney, Teylah and Sheppard are happily swimming and growing in safety. Also, here's Eppie sweetly snoozin' away, with his little arm tucked under his head -- too cute.

I hope your Spring is as lovely as it is here! Off to the studio to work with a renewed sense of freedom and rejuvenated inspiration! Hazzah!

"Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others." ~ Albert Camus

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