about the artist

Enamored with all things equine since her earliest memories, it was this fascination that drove Sarah into art. Primarily self-taught through years of research, field study and discipline, her work has a distinctive style and unique perspective.

As such, Sarah's work has earned avid collectors around the world who appreciate her attention to detail, anatomical faithfulness, and immediacy of life as well as the personality, presence and anima imbued into each piece.

Working in ceramics and mixed media, she specializes in the technically demanding art form of realism. The biological structure, influence of physics, nuances of behavior, and the evolutionary underpinnings of this animal offer intriguing revelations that enrich the creative journey and the artistic narrative. Nonetheless, she also enjoys exploring the subject through stylized representations from time to time, since the equine experience also lives and breathes deep on the visceral plane.

Most of all, however, Sarah is intrigued by the ardor and grace that dwells within each animal, perfect and complete. Each soul has a story to tell, and she endeavors to reveal and celebrate that voice through the visual language of sculpture.

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