Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainy n' Rockin'

Sneak peek at the new 3" tile designs.

Another rainy day here in Idaho, but I'm not complaining. We need it. Though I must admit that it feels like we've been teleported into the Portland area! But I like this kind of weather, and especially the sound of the rain.

Speaking of teleported, I've allowed myself to be carried away by my inspiration, and created a whole flurry of new stamp designs. I have four new 3" square tile designs (on top of the previous new four I created last year!) and eight 2" square tile designs, all horses. Throughout this week, I'll be creating more for my circle clay cutters, too.

Now I didn't intend for all these new stamps when I planned to post to Etsy, "More designs coming soon!" But there ya go. Such is the way of the muse. Still workin' on those cat and dog ones, too, but right now it's the horses who are stampeding out of my noggin. And along those lines, here are sneak peeks at the 2" tiles:

But now I feel like Gill from Finding Nemo, "Ok, so now what?" I have yet to glaze the pile of tiles already waiting in my studio! Hubby pointed this out to me in a rather delicate way yesterday, so I'd better hop to it. I have little excuse now, and I also got some new Laguna crackle glazes I'm itching to try. But...first things first...I have to finish glazing that Taboo. Time to crank up the space heater in the garage and plunge back into mud!

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly." ~ Lauren Bacall

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