Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Force is Strong...

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I'm about ready to start speaking in tongues with Ms. Haffie...but I'm able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here's another sneekie peekie...

Some small tweaks and some final resculpting of that troublesome left hindleg, then clean-up...and voila! This Mother will have landed. That lengthening of her limbs solved all the problems that bugged me with her legs, especially that left hind leg. It looks right now. But keep yer fingers crossed -- tight. She's thrown more than her fair share of curve balls, so it ain't over 'till the ol' broodmare bellows!

To occupy my time while waiting for her epoxy to set up a bit to work it, I've jumped into some customs...that PAM I mentioned last post...

As you can tell, almost her entire right side has been resculpted. Phew. Maureen is teachin' me lots! I intend to turn this PAM into a 12-ish Arab mare, snorty in turn-out. You know how they cavort around, then stop promptly at the fence, tail over their back, ears twitching and then snort? Kinda like that.

And a QH-guy...

I really like this mold a lot. I'm going to turn him into a turned-out reining horse, but I'm not sure of his color. A Paint most likely. I want to experiment with some ideas I have for mapping technique, so he'll probably end up a tobiano with oodles of cat-tracks and weird mapping fun. We'll see, though. As you can see on his tail, I use a wire mesh as an armature. This stuff is wonderful! It's called "Active-Wire Mesh" and I get it at Michaels in the clay/polymer clay section.

But, alas, I've been unable to get into the ceramic studio and glaze that pile of tiles for Etsy or create new ones with my new stamps since my focus has been laser-focused onto Ms. Thang. I learned long ago that when your groove is on with a certain piece, you just gotta go with it. Trying to attempt other things only hoses up the works...and I've had enough of that.

But if you've been following my chatter on my studio Facebook page, you know that I'm hyped up to start sculpting some Friesians! I've been inspired by the incredible black beauty from "Prince Caspian," and so add that to the list. Alls I know is that this year is going to be busy!

"It takes a mix of control and a sense of abandon to make art. Plus it's just plain boring to know the exact outcome." ~ Melanie Peter

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