Monday, October 19, 2009

There And Back Again

Phew! We made it back, safe n' sound. What an experience. We are exhausted, and in that post-vacation daze only a great trip can induce. Wow. We had an amazing time with my Dad's side of the fam, and an awesome time with Lesli and Addi at Brookgreen Gardens and Myrtle Beach.

I'll report more throughout the coming days as I sort through the 2,000+ photos we snapped. Yes. You're reading that right. 2,000+ photos. 1,125 photos alone at Brookgreen Gardens. Yow!

Until then, I wanted to show off my treasures I collected from Bald Head Island -- a wad of wonderful shells! (above) I love shells, and collecting them is like a treasure hunt. Happily for me, the island was littered with them! I even found a hatched Mermaid's Purse (a shark's egg case), that dark, rectangular thing in the middle of the photo.

I also take my travel talismans with me on every trip (I'm just weird that way) (below). My lucky marble and horse I found along the roads at various times, and the beaded string Merryl made me years ago when she was a young girl and the Pokemon card Lloyd gave me years ago, when he was a wee tot (Merryl and Lloyd are Laurie Jo's kidlets, both of whom are in college now -- how the years sweep by!). Otherwise, they reside in my purse for everyday.

Anyway, what shocked us on our return was the presence of Fall in bloom -- we leave for a week with green trees, then return to Fall-kissed foliage! So until I post about my island trip (and our Seattle-Tacoma trip) are some Fall images from our yard...

I now have my Charmkins back from my rat-sitter. JOY! I was jonesin' for my Blobbies in a big way. Life is slowly getting back to normal, and we're "remembering" our routines again. You know you've had a great experience when you come back feeling a little askew from your everyday life.

"Little by little, one travels far." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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