Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Inevitable Update

Goodness time slips by! It's been two years since I updated my Reference Listing, so I figured it was about time. This is a full inventory of my current library when it comes to equine biology as it pertains to artwork -- a full 18 pages worth! I haven't listed my "picture books" or mag subscriptions, though -- these references only deal with anatomy, biomechanics, equine behavior, horsemanship, etc. There's a comment section after each book, so you get an idea if it would be helpful to you or not, or at least, my opinion of it in regards to artwork.

I've uploaded it to my Yahoo mailing list files section here. Hopefully you can access it from this blog, or if you're a member of that list, you can access it from there. If not -- email me and I'd be happy to send it to you via email (as a PDF). Someday I'll figure out how to upload it to my website. Feel free to share it, even upload it to your website for downloading by others.

And speaking of time slippage -- Fall is here!
I have a ready supply of shrimp chips to fortify me and my little space-heater is on "high" under my computer table to keep my footsies warm. The caps, sweatshirts and toe-socks are out in force -- this lizard has to stay warm! I also have to post about my previous trip to Seattle/Tacoma this week before I leave for another six-day jaunt for a family trip back east, so stay tuned.

And I'm so close to finishing that paint job -- I can taste completion soon! I've worked through my new painting methods and expectations. They're synchronizing -- finally. I was worried there for awhile! So now I feel energized to complete other long-standing painting commissions which have been sitting here, waiting for me to figure things out. I believe I can paint the way I want to now, and not have to fret about disappointing myself. Thank you all for your patience -- you know who you are!

"The other day I...uh, no, that wasn't me." ~ Steven Wright

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