Thursday, September 1, 2011

All You Need Is Love

I've been working like crazy lately, trying to get caught up in my schedule from the chaos that happened earlier this year. Sandwiched in this mad scramble is the 2011 porcelain Christmas ornament, the second in the series started last year. As I promised myself, I would get this project started much earlier and it looks like I'm on schedule in that department.

I knew immediately after I finished the 2010 ornament what this year's would be: a Friesian with stars as a motif and "love" as the theme. This piece will be pressed in black porcelain, something I'm really excited about. I've fallen in love with this stuff and a black version is just too tempting, both as a new thing to try and as something appropriate for the all-black Friesian. I think a purple ribbon would top it off beautifully and add spice to a Christmas tree with colors a little different from typical holiday fare.

But as I worked on this piece, I began to realize just how apropos the theme really was, at least for me. If anything could sum up what held this year together in my world, it would be Love. 

My father's accident was a frightening and stressful time, but we held it together through Love. My friend's battle with cancer has been alternately worrisome and triumphant, and Lynn's adventure has been held together by Love. My husband is having a blast at his new job, developing that funktionslust that I have for my own own work, perhaps even more in Love with technology than ever before (and I didn't think that was possible). My buddies Laurie, Kay and Stephani lovingly came to Boise for my birthday because they knew I didn't want to leave my parents just now (and showed me a great time!). My sister in law, Megan, completed another AIDS LifeCycle ride, pedaling her Love into dollars for AIDS research. My friend Lesli started a book series on her passion, horse color, an exciting prospect for my book shelves! Even Dante is a reflection on Love. And in fact, this 2011 ornament was inspired by my friend, Kathy, and her wonderful relationship with her Friesian gelding, Nylis. 

And there are so many more examples of how Love of something or someone has carried us through difficult times, or compelled us to reach for new heights and experiences this year...I would run out of space listing them all. How has Love worked in your life in 2011?

I believe The Beatles were right. Love of something, someone, anything to carry us forward and tie us together, reminding us of the things that really matter. So I give to you the 2011 Christmas Ornament, #2:

Original clay. I hope to make the plaster molds next week, and then start pressing late September! If all goes well, they'll be available in my Etsy store, hopefully by October.

"Love gives light even in the darkest tunnel." ~ Anonymous
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