Friday, June 25, 2010

To New Homes...

cute baby animals - Overwhelming Squee Attack!
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Here's a lethal dose of cuteness -- just cuz I can.

The first batch of Elsie & Oliver sets are winging their way to their new homes, and it feels good. After being a year late in production because of all my struggles with these two, to have the first batch finally hit the post office is like the period at the end of a very long sentence. These first nineteen sets sold out in essentially two minutes, something that has left me flattered and stunned. And to my great relief, this cart system didn't oversell -- it stopped promptly at nineteen. PHEW! I was holding my breath!

Barry is stopping by today to drop off another twelve sets, so I hope to have the next batch sale sometime next week. I'm also going to have single-sets (two mares or two foals) as well as batches of singles, but since the mare/foal set was so popular in the poll, I want to get more of those out here in these first rounds. So I'll be packing those up, along with 200 Melly Tiles this weekend. Boy, my postman is going to need a bigger truck! PHEW x 2.

And speaking of the tiles, they came out great! This low-fire terra cotta is WYSIWYG -- no warpage or weirdness. PHEW x 3. I was so worried about the loss percentage!

But speaking of weirdness...the Fates are telling me that V.2 isn't in the cards right now. I forgot to put her in the freezer while I was sculpting her head, and well -- let's just say I have to dremel it off again...for the fifth time. She's just not happenin' right now. So...I'm going to move onto the mini Stock horse and the Friesian stallion, and wait for V.2 to stop being a pill. Sometimes pieces are like that. It's inexplicable. One of the most valuable lessons Elsie taught me was to go with the flow, so I'll move onto the next piece and V.2 will come alive in her own good time.

And speaking of a good time...I've enrolled in Level 1 and Level 2 Precious Metal Clay (PMC) classes in September, in Lacey, Washington! I am so excited about this material. It will allow me to create high quality jewelry and accessories with my work, opening up whole new opportunities for the studio. I'm also considering taking a class in glass clay, and fused glass next year, as well, in order to accent my PMC sculpture work. Art work you can wear! Hot dog!

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