Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cookin' Cotta

This is just the top shelf -- there are four more below this one, packed with tiles!

I just turned on my big kiln, Big Al! He's firing the 300 Melly Tiles all in one go -- so keep your fingers crossed!

The tiles are stacked in piles of three, in order to get them all in there. You can stack greenware during the bisque fire since greenware won't stick to itself (unless it's prepared a certain way). You can't do this with a glaze fire because the glaze (glass) melts and fuses. This means Big Al will have another full load when I glaze all 100ish of the tiles I'm assigned, since the glaze fire can't have the tiles touching anything inside the kiln.
..which is a big space eater. I'm considering getting those tile racks or stacking tile holders in order to maximize space during a glaze fire.

Anyway, what struck me about this clay is the variation in color and feel -- look how dark some of those tiles are! Those dark ones also are a bit heavier. So we'll see what happens...
oh Fates be kind!

"It's good to feel the rush of something nice coming on." ~ Mary Smart

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