Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Hubby's Birthday -- Yaaaaaay! (said like Kermit with limbs akimbo) Happy Birthday!

Last night we went to a restaurant we haven't been to before, Tucanos, with a couple of old friends we lost contact with some years ago, so it was great -- We stayed four hours munchin' away and yaking up a storm. I gotta say...this place is the Mecca, The Temple -- The Promised Land -- for the die-hard carnivore. Hubby's eyes were glistening with delight like a pride lion in a pile of dead gazelles. The place has a wonderful salad, pasta, sushi, soup, what-have-you salad bar to provide some semblance of balanced diet, but the highlight of the meal is meat. Lots and lots of roasted meat. Waiters come by in rapid succession with skewers of sausages and assorted meats that you get to have -- and it's all delicious. And it's all you can eat. Hubby + All You Can Eat Meat = Unprecedented Delight. Suffice to say, he gorged like a pride lion. It's his new favorite place to eat in the Universe.

Today, his Mom came over with the chocolate cake and homemade cinnamon buns she made (yum!). And here's a cool handmade card his Mom commissioned for him (note: That's a Harley Road King, I think):

I really admire those who make handmade cards -- it's something so beyond my skill set or time use. I save all the ones I get!

Anyway -- Happy Birthday Sweetie! You're aging wonderfully!

"Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." ~ Jack Benny

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