Friday, September 25, 2009

Time at Mach 7

Holy cannoli! Is it Friday already?! It can't be -- if feels like Tuesday! Well, then...I know I've had an awesome week. When the days zip by and blend into each other, it's been a perfect week for me. Why? Because it means I've been allowed to settle into a happy, productive routine without distraction, so I can take the bit between my teeth and run with it...blind to the passage of time. Oh, it feels so good to have periods of time like this!

It also explains why everything has fallen into place -- getting the RESS Finish show to the juror on time, hummin' along with The Boat (much faster than expected -- I'm almost done!) and finally achieving my goals with this dapple dun paint job -- at least for one side. So I think "tutor kitty" would be most pleased with me. (Though I suspect this is the expression on the faces of my assistant editors when I send them the barrage of articles to proof!)

I still find it amazing that The Boat attracts the awesome authors it does. Wow! I just can't thank them enough for their hard work in sharing their knowledge with us -- we are so fortunate! This is going to be a huge issue, though, and I hope people won't have a hard time downloading it.

I'm also amazed that I figured out this dapple dun coat! I thought I never would, to be honest. My little brain cells are doing that elbow motion (well, if they had elbows) and gleefully hissing, "YES!" So much frustration or disinterest happens with me during the middle of the painting process -- when I'm past the initial rush of starting a new project, but see I clearly have a long way to go. That's the danger zone for me, creatively. I just have to slog through it (though sometimes I'm not as diligent at that as I would like), and eventually I can find my momentum again.

So I have one side just the way I want it, but now I have to tackle the other side. Yow. Yikes. Hrmmm. Any painter will tell you this actually is the trickiest part because not only do you have to match the unfinished side to the finished side (in terms of tone, effects and color placement), but this is where boredom can again loom its ugly head and stare you right in the eyes. This is perhaps why some artists work both sides at once, sometimes in sections, which is what I ordinarily tend to do.

However, remember that I have very little patience, with practically nil left over for myself. I was just too curious to see if I could paint this color in the way I wanted it to look, according to my current Eye and skill, because I know I could not have painted it previously as well as I think I could now. I'm ready now. But that's a steep personal challenge. I've smacked myself in the face with my own glove. "Take that, smarty pants!" This meant I wanted the satisfaction of seeing the finished product sooner rather than later to prove something to myself.

Well, that, and doing one side and then the other would help me infuse that sense of genetic "randomness" on either side of the sculpture by helping my brain avoid too closely recreating the same pattern on either side. Indeed, sometimes "starting fresh" has its advantages.

But really -- I needed to see if I could do it, with my fresh outlook on painting and realism. Anyway...

Speaking of fresh -- my friend, Lesli, got me onto the work of Christi Friesen. I love it -- it's so whimsical, unique and imaginative. I also like the rounded shapes, the colors used and all the "stuff" going on with each one. I also really appreciate this woman's business model -- look at her website, packed full with helpful, fun and inclusive ways she gets people interested in her work. And some great ideas for sales! Lots to cogitate for my own future business plans. So when you have a moment, peruse and enjoy!

So anyway. Now. To paint the other side of this horse. In a word, ahem..."ACK!"

"To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist." - Gail Sheehy

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