Monday, September 14, 2009

This is my brain on hyoids...

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Good golly -- ya know, when I chose to write "how to" articles, I really need to consider my penchant for well -- fiddly detail -- when I decide on subject material. Oy! Between other projects, I'm working on the head sculpting series because I figure I need to get this rolling a year in advance. There's a whole process and sequence that has to be worked out, let alone written about! And right now, I'm working on the hyoid bones in the head in terms of text and sequence. However, what strikes me -- now -- is that at roughly 1/12 scale, what size are those tiny bones and teensy muscles going to be? Teeny weeny, that's what! Yet they are important features for an artist to know, even though they do lie within the head. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the hyoid apparatus actually is important for horsemanship issues, and if an artist wants to sculpt riding that doesn't hurt horses, well...she needs to know about the hyoids. Especially in this day of modern riding that appears to abuse the hyoids with wild abandon. I'll just keep reminding myself of this when I actually have to sculpt those puppies and I feel my sanity start to slip away...

Anyway, aside from this, I'm in the midst of editing trip photos and sundry other things -- hang tight for a trip log! I had a nice distraction this weekend though -- went to Art in the Park with Mom and a gaggle of buddies. In a word, Art in the Park rules. I love art festivals, and I gotta say -- this one is definitely one of the best! So many amazing, inspiring works! Here are some examples:
Batik art (The birds, especially the ravens and herons, are my favorite)
"Artimals" (How fun is this?! I got myself the blowfish t-shirt!)
Scratchboard art (These pieces have to be seen in person to be believed!)
Art glass (I love the organic look of these pieces)
Fun garden stuff (Love the rusted finish!)
Lovely mosiac mirrors (Love the polka dots!)
Pottery (I love the rustic "relic" feel of these pieces)
Fused glass fun (Love the insects!)
Gorgeous braided leather goods (Does a miniature horse count as a "long tailed dog?")
Super cool didjeridoo musicians (I bought two of their CDs -- hypnotic! To me the didjeridoo sounds like the sound of time and eternity itself -- I've always loved it. One of my favorite tracks has the didjeridoo set against Buddhist chanting from Tibetan monks. Didjeridoo and Tibetan monks. Two good things that go better together!)

And loads more! So much inspiration and novel ideas! It was a welcome boost to my "arty mojo" as I contemplate diving into stockie again! And boy -- the ideas swimming around in my head beg to made real soon. I really must engineer time to materialize them. Art in the Park also a culinary delight, too -- introduced Mom and Hubby to Basque croquetas. Talk about decadence! Wow! They're dollops of sin and oh-so-good!

"The most important source of inspiration for painting ideas is our own lives...and what we like most." ~ Jack Dickerson

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