Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mixed Messages

Howdy do. Normally, I'd enthusiastically post an account of my recent trip back east, but that may have to wait a few days. I'm just not in the right frame of mind right now. While I was gone, I lost Eppie, who passed away Saturday night for unknown reasons, but not in the most peaceful of ways apparently, if "the scene" was any indication. He was totally normal, then sometime during the night while Hubby slept, something went horribly wrong. He'd had a long history of respiratory issues, which is why he was always skinnier than his blobby brothers, but he was being aggressively treated for it. But there's only so much one can do, I suppose.

To say that I'm devastated and depressed would be an apt description.'s the thing...ratties don't usually pass into the next life under the kindest of circumstances. In the wild they obviously don't (sigh), but surprisingly as pets, their suffering often meets with ambivalence since they
(initiate eye rolling and sarcastic tone) aren't "real pets" like a dog or cat (terminate eye rolling and sarcastic tone). So it's of paramount importance to me that at least the boys under my care cross the Rainbow Bridge with the compassionate and humane assistance from my rattie vet (who doesn't use the needle). But alas -- that didn't happen with my dear little Eppie, which makes his passing very bitter and upsetting.

So I come home from a splendid weekend to this. I have no motivation to do anything, and I've been pretty much sleeping and doing laundry. He was such a sweet, gentle, playful and delightfully mischievous
little guy...he will be greatly missed. I'm still coming to grips with only Two Amigos now.

Now one would think that after years of having ratties, that I'd get used to this. Nope. Each one is like the first because each one is so different. Ratties get under your skin very quickly and you never forget them. And how I miss each and every one, every day.

Yet determined Hubby, in an effort to cheer me up, got me turned on to what is now listed under "One of my favorite shows of all time." Now I'm not a sitcom aficionado,
but when one is really clever and unique (such as Red Dwarf), I can't resist. And so it is now with The Big Bang Theory. I've now watched all of Season One and I'm completely hooked. Sheldon kills me. He's like Rodney's (from Stargate Atlantis) more eccentric younger brother, and how can I resist that? And the scary (?) thing is -- I can understand what the guys are talking about and saying when they yap on in "geek speak." What's really cool is that the equations and science info on the show is all factual, since real physicists are consultants. To hear Leonard say that "25 people at a particle physics symposium is like a physics Woodstock" is funny. To hear them go on about those scientists who worry that the new Large Hadron Super Collider will create a black hole as "cry babies with no lust for glory" is, to me, hysterical. To watch them "get their geek on" by remotely connecting their robotic toys and light switches to global Internet control is, to me, cute.

My Dad is a physicist,
so I was raised in a household rich with science, and so developed a love of all things "SCIENCE!" (said ala Thomas Dolby in "that song"). If I'd been smarter, I probably would have gone down that route as a profession, but alas...math is my nemesis (and chemistry is right out!). I still have to carry a calculator to figure out the tip for the waitress. Phythagoras? -- You can keep your theorem!

Hubby also is a full-blown "geek," so all the goofy computer-y/game-y/movie-y geek-outs the guys do on the show is endearing to me. I understand it, like I understand the World of Warcraft episode of South Park (my favorite episode other than The Startling with the guinea pigs), and like I appreciate the whole LeeRoy Jeeenkins escapade. I live with it! Hazzah!

Indeed, in the new Information Age, smart is the new sexy. I really don't think this show would have been successful 10 - 15 years ago -- it's taken a cultural paradigm shift to allow it to happen. And thank goodness for it! If the worship of sports people or celebrities continues much longer, I think I shall scream.

Anyhoo -- watching that show has indeed been a good distraction. Thanks Hubby! So if I'm a bit sluggish to post my trip's report, please be patient. I'm still smartin' from a great loss. I do look forward though to sharing my trip with you, though -- it was awesome. I just need to be in a better mood. Hang tight.

"Storms make trees take deeper roots." ~ Dolly Parton

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