Monday, April 30, 2018

NEW 2018 Cubequines!

They're finally in the makingthe fresh and fun 2018 CubequinesTM! Ten new breeds eager to encrust your fridge! They'll be cast in colored resin, designed to be showcased as is. Even so, feel free to paint them—they'll look so cool "clothed" in your pigments!

About 2.25" (5.71cm) square, this "cube" forms the basis of the series. Each comes with a strong neodymium magnet on the backstronger than the ceramic magnets of the original set—firmly glued in place. Nonetheless, some will eventually be sold without magnets around the Holidays in case you'd like to tweak some into ornaments.

Design-wise, I took a special route with this 2018 set by featuring the breed's historical backstory as a background design motif to "seat" it into its cultural narrative. So much about a breed speaks to the culture that created it so what better showcase? So here's the lowdown on the background elements for each new Cubie:
  • Welsh Section A: Featured here is the famous and distinctive design motifs of Welsh and English quilting patterns.
  • Belgian: Art nouveau had a welcome home in Belguim and now pair that with the nation flower being the poppy. Voila! We have an art nouveau poppy!
  • Percheron: Here we see the distinctive province chevrons of the Perche area of France. 
  • Trakehner: The design in his background comes from a Medieval tapestry made in the old East Prussian empire—in which the native town of Trakehnen was situated—based on the "triple crown" design. 
  • Oldenburg: Similarly, the design for this guy comes from a Medieval tapestry created in Lower Saxony, or old Oldenburg, Germany.
  • Akhal-Teke: Here we see this unique breed adorned with beautiful neck collars and in his background we find Turkmenistan rug design.
  • Marwari: India is famous for many things, one of them being those gorgeous henna tattoo designs which fittingly emblazon his backdrop.
  • Lippizaner: Study the thick gold bands on the saddle pads of the Spanish Riding School and you'll see them as this guy's border.
  • Shetland: The famous Shetland laceintricate and delicatefestoons this little fellow's background.
  • Kladruber: Intricate Czech embroidery designs hallmark his backdrop along with a woodcarving design found on an old Czech home.

I've so liked these narrative backdrops that I'm going to apply this concept whenever I can. I sure look forward to exploring all the future options! The possibilities! 

On a sidenote, the original ten were sculpted in 2012a long six years ago. Why the delay? Well, when clinical depression squished me six years ago so many projects came to a grinding halt, including the Cubequine project. So my grand plan of coming out with a new set every year got squished right along with me. But thanks to some new Ketamine therapy, I'm back on track and so this Set II is a fitting way to restart studio life! That being the case, look for Set III in 2019 though mums the word on the featured breedsfor now.

Anyway, look for the 2018 Cubequines in my Etsy store very soon! If you'd like to stay posted on their availability subscribe to my email newsletter here.

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~ William Baziotes

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