Friday, May 27, 2016

Equine Collectibles: The Magazine For Our New Era

Every once and awhile something happens in the equine figurine market that's a "black swan" event. What's a "black swan" event? Well, it's something that happens spontaneously that changes everything to follow forever. It changes the nature of things, moving us forwards. So what's this new phenomenon?

Lovingly edited and published by Lesli Kathman, this mag is a must–have for anyone involved in the model horse collectibles industry. Professionally printed in full–bleed, it not only looks gorgeous, but it's chockfull of amazing articles that inform, inspire, and initiate thought on interesting issues. If ever there was a source that defined a new way of thinking, this is it!

This genre has experienced so many changes these past thirty years. Quality has skyrocketed, shows have become far more competitive, divisions have diversified, and the stakes have gotten much higher. We have a National show now that amplifies all this, too. 

However, what didn't develop in kind was our sense of community, of camaraderie as a whole. Indeed, it's waned over the years, especially as the DIYer has become ever more disenfranchised by the increasingly stiffer competition and intense motivations. The "spreading of the wealth" of our arts has atrophied as a result, and people tend to focus on negatives rather than positives it seems. There's more concern than ever about who gets a ribbon and how rather than what this is all about—pure fun! Really, many seem to have forgotten that all this is about enjoying ourselves, and each other, the horse, and all the beautiful pieces we so love.  

Issue is sold out.

We also lost a shared depot of information, a single source for our "voice." We had so many publications in the past, and they've all disappeared over the years. Perhaps because of the disinterest in print. Maybe because there was a period when quality print was just too expensive. And it could be a reflection of our fractured community.

Then comes along this magazine. It has a totally different point of view. It's upbeat, positive, encouraging, and highly informative. It seeks to elevate us and what we do, it inspires us to not only remember why we love horses and this genre so much, but tempts us to imagine more, and reimagine differently. It reminds us of what we've almost lost, and strives to cultivate it to bloom again. And it's full of quality images that make you drool and oogle—and learn!

If you love horses and equine figurines, and want a mag that celebrates that joyfully and cheerfully, this is the one for you! Subscribe and be part of the phenomenon—join the fun and remember why you're involved in all this craziness! It's a blast! Thank you Lesli for trailblazing for us, and taking us along on your journey through the genre! We're all the better for it!

And hey—here's the electronic version of the last issue. Great mag, eh? And you can subscribe here. And here's the Equine Collectibles Facebook page.

We shall not cease from exploration / And in the end of all our exploring/ Will be to arrive where we started/ And know the place for the first time.
~ T. S. Eliot

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