Sunday, June 8, 2014

ZAZZLE Dazzle!

The studio has delved into new projects, thanks to the opportunities provided by ZAZZLE and my new ZAZZLE store! It's been a blast creating these new pieces that allow you to wear my work while letting me explore the equine in new ways! You'll appreciate the quality of the items, and I hope you enjoy the vibrancy and distinctiveness of the designssomewhat tribal, always colorful and definitely unique. You won't find these designs anywhere else!

I'll be creating more designs and new pieces over the coming year, offering a wide variety for you to choose from for your own wardrobe or as gifts, but for now check out the 2014 Spring Collection of MinkModeTM!

Sporty Tees

Elegant Tees

Casual Tees

Assorted Styles



Look for new designs over the coming months, plastered on all sorts of new items! It's Mink mania! Let me color up your life!

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