Friday, December 17, 2010

Jumpin' for JOY!

My radio silence the last couple of weeks was due largely to this yuletide tidbit (above). So ta-da! -- I'd like to introduce my first annual Minkiewicz Studios Christmas ornament, "Joy"! It depicts an exuberant Arabian mare cavorting about to the ring of jingle bells. They're a limited edition of only 100, and  are available now in my Etsy store.

This piece represents many "firsts" for me: First use of porcelain, first pressed clay piece, first finished edition from the studio, first use of my 2 x 4 inch tile cutter and first in a new annual series. Every year I hope to issue a new addition, featuring different breeds and themes. Like this one, they'll all be cast in beautiful porcelain and this same shape, and left bisque because I think that really showcases the bas-relief and the clay so beautifully. That makes the collection coherent, too, and more fun for me since it presents design challenges for that 2 x 4 inch space.

I'll be documenting the creation of this edition later in the week...but until then, I have to get tangled in wrapping paper!

"Don't shirk away from challenges...keep reaching for that star, that sky." ~ Rick Moore 

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