Monday, May 18, 2009

Rumbling Sunday

This is the sticker on the back of my Husband's helmet. 'Nuff said (ha ha). Yesterday we rode in the annual MDA Harley ride. It was a perfect day -- clear blue skies, good weather and open roads. Harley-Davidson has a long tradition of donation to the MDA -- 26 years! Idaho is in the top 20 donors (High Desert Harley), via MDA - donation rides, in the country -- woo hooo! (Hubby is particularly proud that Sauk Prairie, Wisconsin is in the Top Ten -- he was born there!) This year, we had a record turn-out....over 500 bikes and over 800 riders! It was truly impressive, twice the number from last year! Here's a shot of one small part of the High Desert Harley-Davidson parking lot right before we all rode out:

What's super cool is that Boise City closed the roads and intersections for us and gave us a police escort to Boise Bronco Stadium, which is right downtown. Here's a shot (below) of just one small segment of the long caravan heading to downtown Boise (our friend, Linda, is in the purple bandana on the left there):

The sound of all those bikes rumbling was like supernatural thunder -- so awesome! And it was wild to see so many of us in one go. Here's the ol' gang we rode with (with Hubby in the middle there):

There were a series of designated stops along the way, since this ride was a "Poker Run," and it was fun to go through the unknown back roads of this area. Then all 800 of us ended up at the last stop, Joe's Crab Shack in Boise, which was quite a sight. This was painted on their window, which pretty much summed up my feelings for the day:

Now usually after something like Mayhem, all I want to do is stare at a wall for a couple of days, just to decompress and "come back to reality." I don't usually welcome a jump into another "party" so soon. But I couldn't say "no" to something like this, and I gotta say -- it was the perfect prescription. I had a wonderful time, the ride was relaxing, the day was gorgeous and the gang was a riot. Now I'm fully "aligned" back to my life and ready to restart work in the studio....Deep breath.....ahhhhhhhhh.

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." ~ John Lennon

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