Monday, November 10, 2008

Fire and Ice

Ah yes -- back in the ceramics studio now that the weather is chillin' out, but more importantly, because I cleaned it! Well, at least got it to some semblance of ordered disarray rather than the utter pandemonium it was a week ago. I mean, even me -- duly noted for perhaps not the tidiest of studio habits -- has a degree of pride.

Winter is definitely on its way and we have intermittent snow on the mountains (teasing us for -- hopefully -- the dumping to come). Little Maury has been firing away, with Big Al soon to be close behind. I'm making molds this week of a new Christmas ornament (non-horse) which I plan to slip-cast in porcelain! I'm very excited about this and I hope it all turns out OK. Porcelain is another kettle of fish entirely and the potential for me to hose it up in spectacular ways is well...practically a sure bet. I'm up for the challenge though! I'm also re-pouring the mold on Sonya Johnson's Bjorn relief sculpture after the complete flub-up I made during her visit in June. I've started work in earnest on tile designs for Sir Squish as well, and using up Chavant Hard like mad. All this between new sculptures, paint jobs and the Winter 09 issue of The Boat. Who has time for the holidays? Gads.

Anyhoo, the piece pictured above is a (long overdue) gift to someone who saved my hiney with The Boat, so off that'll go this week.

These two pieces (above) are the awards for my Clinky Classic Challenge Class.

These two pieces, my new Jumper plaque (top) and WB plaque (bottom), are glazed bisque destined to be china painted by Cheryl Farrens of FireHorse Designs as donations to her Appaloosa rescue efforts. I'm working to get some bisques of these two pieces finished for sale here soon, plus a couple of realistically glazed ones I'm working on to get these skills under my belt better (and before I tackle a bisque Pixie, Dafydd or Stormwatch!). These two pieces also are going to be cast in resin soon by Laf'nBear Studio's Barry Moore, so stay tuned.

Revealing the dolt that I am, I actually completely forgot about these two plaques until I cleaned up the ceramic studio! Argh! I need to chow down on the ginkgo biloba like kid on Halloween night! Slowly but surely, I'm turning into the weirdo absent-minded artist the family will begin to speak of only discreetly, or as Hubby would say, "Slowly?" OK -- copy that! I own it!

"To forget is the great secret of strong creative natures; to forget is the way nature herself who knows no past and who at every hour begins the mysteries of her untiring labors afresh." ~Honore de Balzac

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