Monday, October 6, 2008

Bring it ON!

Saturday was an amazing day! -- We had a big thunder and lightening storm! Whoo hooo! The sky was an looming slate grey, the rain came down in buckets, lightening flashed and popped around the sky, and thunder cracked like a whip all over our house. Just fabulous. What a show!
The gutters couldn't handle the sudden downpour, and our sidewalk got flooded (above) -- our mailbox isn't in the street! It eventually seeped down into the gutters, but it was like having a little river in our front yard for a time there. Hubby went out to check on the gutters, and danced back to the house, literally, ala "Singing in the Rain".....
Just when we thought the show was over --- CRACK BOOM! --- a huuuge thunderclap erupted right over our house and caused poor Hubby to jump! It rattled our windows! I let out a "YEAH!!!" and looked to the sky for more! There just isn't anything like a good thunderstorm.

After a storm has passed is wonderful, too -- the elemental aromas and that cool, fresh feeling to everything, with the grumbling thunder in the distance. Magical. I also love the play of color a stormy sky produces, with its dark grey tone making the vegetation "pop" with brighter colors, setting them off like jewels across the landscape....
Everything has been washed off...cleaned for the long winter sleep that's coming. The trees have started to turn and the air is becoming more crisp every day.
The change of seasons is still a delightful novelty to me, after living in California, the land of beautiful homogenous weather, for so long. Watching nature go through its cycles is still a wonder to me, and I hope it always will be. It also helps to keep me centered, reminded of the Bigger Picture, because it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle-bustle of life, especially now that the holidays are approaching.

Anyway, today I'll be packing up more Vixens and Imps for the sale on Tuesday, constructing new little white walls of wee boxes throughout the garage. I'll be listening to my tunage from my iPod dock and instead of the crackling of thunder, there'll be the cracking of my tape gun!

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." ~Emily Bronte

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