Friday, September 14, 2007

Dafydd is SHINY!

Ta-da!! Here he is...the big secret I was waiting to spring on you....Dafydd is now clinky!! "Beloved" is now in beloved baked mud!

Many thanks to the ever-talented Joan Berkwitz for bringing him to fiery life! This luscious bay here was glazed by her--check out those dapples! And landsakes...I gotta tell ya....his mold is quite the IQ test! What that lady can do with plaster and mud boggles the mind. For some eye candy, spoil yourself with a visit to her website at
Joanie is finishing up a satin fleabit dapple grey Dafydd and Lesli Kathman will also be finishing up her Dafydd (with shoes!) soon, and I'll post pix of them here when I get them, along with some fun pix of his plaster mold for kicks.

Clinky Dafydd will be available as glazed and bisque pieces, but I haven't hammered out sales information on that yet, so just keep yer eyes peeled on my mailing list.
Anyhoo, we were madly working on these guys, along with the clinky Pixies during "Mayhem" here in May 2007, but oddly enough, Pixie is far easier to mold and clean. Heck, applying the shoes to Dafydd alone was enough to drive a person screaming into the hills. But baked Dayfdd is well worth the effort, I think.

So feast your orbs on Joanie's gorgeous work! More to come soon!

"We're all filled with naturally recurring patterns that make us unique – they're called talents. And our charge is to bloody well use them." ~Marcus Buckingham

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